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Academic Report Writing Guidelines

At some point of the studies, each student has to complete the report writing task. While most of the articles usually provide students with tips on structuring reports, this one focuses on 3 main things you have to remember while completing the assignment in general.

Point 1. Know Your Clear Instructions

As a rule, you will be provided with exact instructions, as well as the object of study and possible audience. First and utmost, familiarize yourself with instructions and be sure you comprehend who the given report is intended for. In case you are a student, your work will surely be reviewed by the professor, but it is not likely he/she will be the one you should target while writing. You might be given a prompt – a situation that explains why you should provide a report and who you should provide it to. For example, you might be asked to put yourself in a position of the project manager, who has been leading a specific case for half a year and now, needs to inform the executive about the progress so far. Thus, as the school report writer, you have to think what kind of information to include, and how to present it best to the “executive.”

Point 2. Remember about Requirements All the Time

During the stage of writing procedure, assure yourself that you keep track of audience. One way or another, when conducting research, be ready to arrange the process of work into parts by themes, like composing the review of literary sources. If you decide upon including certain info into your paper, think how exactly you need to present it in order to meet the teacher’s requirements.

Point 3. Ask for help if needed

When you are stuck or do not understand what is required from you clearly, it is always better to ask the teacher for help. It is great if you can clarify all the questions regarding the report writing help, for example, via the email or Instant Messaging. However, in case you can’t, check when you teacher is available, come up to him/her, and ask for the clarifications in person.

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