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The role of an engineer in modern society

The role of the engineer in modern society is great and in the long run there will be even more. In the last decade, the term "engineer" has largely lost that creative, inventive side, which should be characteristic of it (economist, accountant, lawyer, etc. - laws, instructions, methods, and laws in electrical engineering remain the same). After all, the very word "engineer" of French origin implies a person capable of creating a new.

In modern conditions, the functions of the engineer become more responsible, the creative concept of "engineer" due to objective changes again acquires the former creative sense. The capabilities of the engineer for creative research expands and can directly transform science into a productive force of society for increasing productivity and quality of production in the field of material production.Mass production of high-tech led to the fact that the share of engineering work in the production of products exceeds the share of work of the worker. The system of training engineers and the prestige of this profession in the public consciousness becomes one of the important elements of the country's competitiveness in the global economy.

In each of the developed countries, there is a system of requirements for the quality of engineering training and the recognition of engineering qualifications. Such systems are implemented in each country by national, as a rule, non-governmental professional organizations - engineering advisers, which have in their composition agencies accreditation of educational programs and certification of specialists.

Of the variety of requirements for engineers in general, and especially for innovative engineers, the main should be considered an advanced mechanism for making technical decisions at the inventive level, the ability to find the necessary information and learn themselves. These qualities are the basis for productive labor and creative activity of the engineer as an executor.