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Military Technology

Texts on the engineering solutions aimed to protect the citizens from the miscellaneous threats

What is modern war? Part 3

Officer of top standing of this Pentagon, functioning at the branch of standard Assessment was incredibly Frank and crystal clear on our group which "no more U.S. President will not forfeit Chicago to shield Munich". To put it differently, Yes, even the united states of America is likely to soon be in war using Councils for protection of Europe, however the USA will to not violate the problem with this extent which atomic missiles to sabotage the U.S.

What is modern war? Part 2

This doesn't detract from the simple fact that by the perspective of tech that the F-22A can be a great achievement along with quite a sturdy air fighter. However he wouldn't need a lot of significance at a true warfare involving the united states. Prejudice No. 5: Substantial army alliances enable to win against the war. Still another myth in regards to the warfare, expensive towards this Western hub: army approaches to acquire against the warfare.

What is modern war? Part 1

High-tech ensure success. It has superbly erroneous announcement, also yet this delusion can be just a sacred offender war, particularly while in the United States. At the actual life, high tech weapons devices, but very favorable, possess a lot of issues, main of that will be the own price. Area notes: After I began to analyze military plan within the late nineteen nineties, certainly one of my own educators (by the atmosphere forces of America) revealed us a chart of this rising charge of American fighters by the 1950s into the nineties.