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Resource Saving

Technologies that make our life better and at the same time do not harm the environment

Savings of material resources

Economic, technical, scientific, practical and information activities, including methods, processes, complex organizational technical measures and activities accompany every stage of the life cycle of objects and aimed at rational use and economical consumption of resources.

Limitless clean energy Part 3

Tidal energy can be used in two ways. The first is based on the difference between the tide level and low tide level. In tidal power plant, the water accumulated in the lift and then passed through a conventional hydroelectric installation at low tide. However, this method can only be applied where there is a significant tidal range, a significant difference in the tidal height and tidal waves.

Limitless clean energy Part 2

The common solar cells

In fact, solar panels technology, can indeed help to cope with the global climate crisis in the course of several decades. Solar panels based on silicon wafers has long used to generate electricity on a small scale. The main reason for the growing popularity of solar installations that every year the production of solar cells is becoming cheaper and technology more sophisticated.

Limitless clean energy Part 1

Almost two thirds of global greenhouse gas emissions accumulate in the Earth's atmosphere by burning fossil fuels coal, oil and gas. With 80% of energy obtained by man is produced today from fossil fuels.

Even in Norway, a country with well-developed hydropower, more than half of the energy consumed is produced from hydrocarbon sources. Fossil fuels used in industry, transportation industry, heat homes, and, last but not least, to maintain the oil installations offshore.

How to Compose a First-Rate Essay

An essay is considered one of the most common creative writing assignments that express individual impressions and reasoning for a particular cause or question; in all cases, it does not lay claim to a determinative or comprehensive representation of a subject. This type of paper can possess philosophical, historical biographical, literary, popular-scientific, and fictional character.

Resource saving at the enterprise

The outward difficulty of resolving environmental and economic dilemmas will be ecology, which, using the most suitable alternative, impacts the validity by reducing prices and decreasing costs.

On the list of intricate issues of bettering the equilibrium of the crucial region inhabited from the helpful direction of likely fabric tools, for example limiting instruction and also fair utilization of their inevitable squander.