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  • What is software engineering? Part 6

    The cost of software has long been disproportionately higher than the cost of iron on which it works, unless we are talking about unique hardware. Those machines that were unique to solve unique complex problems, they can be expensive, of course. To accompany such software is much more expensive than to do it, because there arise the problems. How did the program? Wonder? We are accustomed to the fact that the program is written to start work, and you stop. Then she worked for five years, your laptop died, you threw it out along with all the programs.

  • What is software engineering? Part 5

    Now began some weak talk about import substitution, and what I see at all the conferences of the operating system? Import substitution operating systems is what? As a rule, reduced to Stripping Linux because it's easier to rip off than Windows, it outdoor. And no one comes to mind is to do something yourself, do not come to mind. Why do you think?

  • What is software engineering? Part 3

    System programming is a means of production of means of production. It is in the programming in the virtual world industry group A. this is the most important thing, because from artisanal production to industrialization in General was possible to switch only because, as they said, was the rapid development of the means of production over consumption goods. Project this idea on programming in General. What we are now programmable here is the programming of the final software product, which is consumed directly by the user, unfortunately.

  • What is software engineering? Part 2

    Software components must be produced and used in accordance with defined standards, which are called component models. That is what is a component? Component model they can be a lot different answers to the main question: what is a component and how it differs from component?

    I should mention (and you probably already own it felt), non-component programming is not the case, and the whole conversation is about what constitutes a component.

  • What is software engineering? Part 1

    This term is almost 50 years old the first time he began to use in 1968. The fact that the methods of classical engineering such as the splitting into separate components have become seriously used in creating software. But why they were not used before, and what new meaning acquired the expression "software engineering" in recent decades?

    What is the process of creating programs? This is the theme of our lectures, this is the essence of software engineering.

  • Roman roads Part 3

    Of course, the routing and the creation of a framework for pavement engineering problems is not exhaustive. The construction of roads was in constant struggle with the terrain. Sometimes the road is raised on embankment, sometimes, on the contrary, had to cut through passages in the rocks. Rivers threw bridges, and in the mountains, if you had the opportunity, paving the tunnels.

  • Roman roads Part 2

    Many Roman roads have survived to the present day, and this is the best evidence that their construction was approached thoroughly and with all due diligence. In other places the time didn't spare the creations of the ancient builders, but where once marched the legions of the paved modern highway.

    These paths it is easy to find on the map highway, running along the route of the Roman, generally almost perfect straightness. Which is not surprising: any "hook" would lead to a serious loss of time for the Roman troops, moving mostly on foot.

  • Roman roads Part 1

    It is hard to believe, but even in the twilight of antiquity, more than a thousand years ago, it was possible to travel from Rome to Athens or from Spain to Egypt, almost all the time remaining on the highway with a firm covering. For seven centuries the Romans have entangled the entire Mediterranean world the territories of the three parts of the world high quality road network with a total length of two of the earth's equator.

  • Scientists are growing human hearts from stem cells

    Countless folks worldwide looking forward to donor hearts who will spare their lifestyles. However, a number of these possess an opportunity, also given that your human body is able to deny the overseas manhood, this substantially lessens the amount of effective inhalation. Were employed to figure out this issue, and currently a group of scientists in the Massachusetts Central healthcare facility along using the team of Harvard medical faculty came near this production of artificially increased hearts.