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Creative methods of Leonardo da Vinci Part 3

With respect to emotional examination of this persona of Leonardo da Vinci's the attention brought on from the appropriate stability of masculinity femininity. By the perspective of contemporary sex psychology, then it might possibly be credited to this harmonically androgynous sort, that unites masculine active along with feminine contemplative capabilities.

"The happening of Mona Lisa", about that so much has been written and said, also has any explanation, even should people take on the conjecture that the Mona Lisa reflects the Spirit of this Guru. The most excellent secret stability of this human anatomy is Yang as well as also the spirit is Yin is exposed to us at the complete curse of these proportions of Mona Lisa's portrait along with self-portrait, implemented in red dot.

This paradox of this divine female spirit, and also the earthly member of this human anatomy has been, clearly, blasphemous and hopeless to the man of this one third of this Renaissance, however, maybe not to its Wizard. No matter who really was Mona Lisa, her portrait shot the audience it's this unconsciously sensed by dignity. This, then, lets us comprehend the significance of paradox from the design of this "globe film" Leonardo.

In addition, Leonardo was one of the first turned to the art of self-presentation. If we read the list of skills presented to them, for example, in a letter to Lodovico Sforza (1482), it is with great surprise we learn in this exemplary resume and employment application to work. This is quite remarkable, because in the tradition of the time was the submission of recommendations; the traditions of self-presentation, so to speak, "employer" was formed five hundred years later.

Since Leonardo was widely known for his talents and the glory, ahead of his appearance, at first glance, it seems surprising and even immodest this advanced presentation features. Do not forget, however, that da Vinci was, first, too often compromised by bad rumors, and secondly, he was constantly forced to seek funding to implement their ideas. That's partly why, and partly thanks to its inherent sense of freedom, which modern man can only dream of, Leonardo reveals to us another side of self-presentation: I like the feeling of value for yourself and others. This idea was certainly brave for the time, and the need it in pragmatic clothes.

If to summarize the emerging picture of the human personality, it should be noted that mankind in his face for the first time felt their ability to enjoy life, getting to know her and yourself as part of it. It seems that the moral imperative of Kant, the realization of possibilities (and consequences) of the use of nuclear energy and genetic engineering, and much more this is just a return to basics.

The best thing about this was said by Leonardo himself: "behold Now the hope or innermost aspiration of returning to the country where we come from, or primal chaos, the aspiration, like the attraction of moth to the light of old, peculiar man, who with infinite longing always looks forward, happily anticipating each new spring and a new summer imagining that things that he is passionately waiting for, come too slow; and who does not feel that he is passionately waiting for its own destruction. But, in fact, his anguish reflect the spirit elements which find themselves locked in prison for life the human body, continuously want to return to its source".