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The Profession Of Engineer

In technical universities the people are active. Yes, it is not easy to do, exams are serious. But that and study hard and complete their education after high school will have, the applicant may not know.

In General, it is not uncommon that the courses in universities are given as separate. One thing one subject, one teacher, one exam, another thing is other subject, teacher and exam. But if a sensible scholar will easily connect their humanitarian knowledge to humanitarian picture of the world, the "techie" without internal communication of University disciplines in his head got worse. Be prepared for that dry theory is still easier to learn on the same example of a car, airplane or even household appliances.

Training on purpose build a common knowledge base. It will further be threaded new, both practical and theoretical tasks. Many engineers are lacking the knowledge in the University and then to fill in the gaps is not easy: after all non-humanitarian items is not fiction, books have to read serious.

But even if everything is presented beautifully, the lack of knowledge is sometimes revealed later, and rather unexpectedly for professionals. Just in universities sometimes do not even mention the number of sections of science, a practical embodiment in the form of problems waiting for a specialist. These essential engineer elementary topics included in the program is not his Alma mater! There is a base man will cope easily. Not learned special literature.

Best friends technicians

In the engineering profession important experience. It is required to be exact, wit, and knowledge. It's the craft professions, to which it essentially belongs.

And it is here that the person studied five years, waiting for the condescending attitude of people with secondary education. How very kind of experienced to novice, something like this.

In fact, the most prominent person in our large drawing room was a man and did no special training. But he was an excellent painter and was indispensable for the sketching of common types of complex products. And in this huge hall where the graduates of the University. Everyone who walked by and saw their work, could not refrain from commenting. A young graduate was assigned the "small things", the work of draftsmen, some detailing sites. And workers really often belonged to the engineers down. After all, before the techniques was a major figure in the company. The work that we did equipment did faster and better than us.

Now revived the system of primary and secondary professional education. That's right. But what do students rank higher?

To get a good training. Thoughtlessly to enroll in the engineering College should not be too a lot to be ready. I've seen a lot of engineers, poor knowledge of foreign... Humanities in technical colleges are generally required: the engineer should be educated in the broad sense of the word. He needs a common culture. If you have clearly decided what items you need and which you do not, it is unlikely you'll make an Engineer with a capital letter.

Engineer in the 60s again about large drawing rooms. Why were they big? Professionals, trained before the war, greeted those who came to work for the same company in 1960 years, in whom there was simply no need. Engineers were preparing for 40-50 years, and during this time several hundred engineering Soviet universities produced millions of professionals.

Certain prerequisites overproduction of engineers in our country and the inertia of the post-revolutionary educational program, and requirements of the military industrial complex.

Of course, you could go to graduate school. The results of the thesis in technical Sciences should be introduced into production. We have to prove that your project is better than the typical factory equipment. And it can be made only at the factory and is worth millions.

90% of engineers are men, as a rule, come from families with not too high social status. They are counting on business growth and are becoming an increasing liability. Engineer Guild master is responsible for everything and for everyone. Those who have been in the factories knows.

A special system of incentives in Soviet factories was not observed. 10 years after starting work could be a senior engineer or designer of the first category, but the salary was low, moonlighting us was forbidden. Housing could only get married, others lived in the dormitory for three or four people in the room. It was possible to live until retirement, if you do not have a family. The pension was supposed little.

But the most unpleasant is not it. Designing something serious engineer, if you are very lucky, allowed only through years and years of a career.

In enterprises with thousands of engineers any can be easily replaced and barely worked to prove himself. For those who think of themselves as a person, it meant a blow to the ego. And if we add here the hard mode! On a major production you do not even have ideas about the final product that you are working on far more than one company.

In this sense, it more interesting to work in more visible industries for example, where the produced ticket machines, or something like that. There the young engineer is doing.

Technological progress is always associated with inventive activity. Standards and norms a phenomenon necessary. But, on the other hand, they inhibit the flight of imagination. Ideally, the engineer should be creative.

Now plants are being built not as active as I would like. National recognition engineer is not threatened. And the situation in the engineering profession, too, is imperfect. However, there is something very important. This is when before you on a blank sheet appears that what was not before anywhere on Earth.