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What is software engineering? Part 3

System programming is a means of production of means of production. It is in the programming in the virtual world industry group A. this is the most important thing, because from artisanal production to industrialization in General was possible to switch only because, as they said, was the rapid development of the means of production over consumption goods. Project this idea on programming in General. What we are now programmable here is the programming of the final software product, which is consumed directly by the user, unfortunately. You can name the operating system developed in the us? No? Can you name a programming language, developed in the us?

He was very theoretical. Recursive functions algorithmic language. He was a long time ago, it has not been used for practical programming. I once at a seminar at the University tried together with the author of this language to add two integers. We used up a few boards and did not fit into the seminar time.

The name "system programming" comes from the fact that the base FOR any computer includes an operating system (note the word "system") and system programming debugging (to include compilers, debuggers, and so on). This is the basic software is developed by system programmers, and it is a means of software production. Since we have an affliction in recent times, we can say that there is no advanced development no this is not expected. We are engaged in manufacturing programs of consumption. It is also a serious area. They cost a lot of money, exactly makes them India, because she doesn't make operating systems, as you know.

But it is impossible to have a leading position in this market, in this area of science, if there is no production of means of production. It's like a factory. I thought at first that was six shades of blue collar occupations. In the turning shop with a skilled Turner does not manufacture products, it sharpens cutters for everyone else. With a skilled programmer is the system programmer who makes tools for other programmers.

The development of component oriented programming generally depends on the architecture of iron. Even on a bare metal machine code, there were some meaningful symbols how to write the program. Not in the zeros and ones, the productivity will be zero. Then there is the auto code, some meaningful designations appear. Then there are some procedural languages, it is possible to steal all procedures and to consider their components. It will be components, stages of statistical development programs. Take the code and do cut and paste. Then you be deprived of prize for this. There are some high level languages, more or less high level.

There was language C. Why the C language? Somewhere at the turn of the 1973 1974 years there was a C language, because they learned how to make iron, to quickly take the car, the car came with the PDP 11 in particular, and by the time tired every time to write operating system from scratch for different architectures.

The idea to reuse code. It is also a component. The main idea of component don't do twice the same. Do not even reuse code, and labor. The C language was born as and because the kernel of the operating system every time to rewrite. And wanted to have the main part, written in compiled on any hardware language, where we have a little bit to insert Assembler. This is the main motive of appearance of C and the kernel of the Unix operating system.

What has been done in my time at the Institute? Was a project it was started in 1967, computer system M9 with the capacity of 1 billion operations per second (at the time). She was parallel and multiprocessing, and concurrency this machine is not surpassed anywhere to this day. When this machine was tested, just formed Institute of computational complexes, which then for the 70th anniversary was to bear his name. Now it is near the metro and is not in any Institute. There as many now ex private institutions, trade furniture, God knows what that time has passed.

Here I show you the Radio engineering Institute named after, who still is on the street on March 8. The entire first floor, the large glass was exhibited that the cabinets from this car to pay inside, because the only way to make it back was impossible.

You see here all sorts of words that quality architecture is unmatched until now, because Cray it was the most famous American counterpart. Of course, the unit base was better at Cray, but the number of sub ideas of the M10 was richer.

Here's the painting? The circuitry there, and the problem should be solved according to the complexity and large the same, and may be even more difficult. How to be? On fingers it is possible to imagine. In America we take and build the Empire State Building because they have a great steel industry, and more than 100 floors of these beams will hold. They take up little space in the area and have some volume.

We have a lot of places, we have unfired bricks, but a lot of places. We can this the Empire State Building put on its side, the volume will be the same place will take a lot, and does not require any special high alloy steel. If put on its side, there will be only four floors. About the same look all these computational supercomputer that is shown here in the picture.

This General view of the system of M10 in the cupboards. These cabinets went over the horizon. In this room it would not fit. Wardrobe, so you imagined a scale which approached the closet, hold my hand up, and in the upper right corner there was a rocker switch on the power, that is, each Cabinet above me with his hand raised. And all this heap of iron at the same time had to work. The theory of probability had no way. The military were surprised. Naturally, all the samples were. Now show a couple of slides, why all this happened.

But then, when it worked, said that a whole generation of professionals (10-15 years). Why we say we need to support, not to the time?