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What is software engineering? Part 4

Where is it used? You see. What is called nuclear suitcase, no relation to nuclear reactions does not. This suitcase just the end device of the system of missile warning. It stood every time the President is within walking distance, as they say, and in the proper place.

Around the perimeter of the country this map was located radar object. No coincidence that all the first car were in the Radio engineering Institute named. They developed the network part of all this. And this machine was the brains of the whole system. You see, these sectors covered the entire perimeter. For example, the sector number 2 closed the whole of China with India. The station itself was of such buildings (this is a real picture of one of them, namely, that under the figure 1, the Northern). The upper building 17 floors up, 5 down under the earth, and this inclined part is the antenna array with an area of about a football field. The lower part is the same, only the transmitting station. The reception of this transmission.

This system was on these machines made. At the same time, of course, you had to program. Architecture is parallel, unlike anything. You know at least one good language for parallel programming now? Not 25 years ago, not 30, and now? Probably not. There is little attempt to implement this now, quite modest. Then it worked, because no way was otherwise, it was impossible for those few tens of minutes to get done what you need. And we had to do that with some basic software with appropriate quality.

Here we come back to software engineering. How can this all work out, who are the customers? If you will open the textbook on software engineering, there will be written, the software engineer starts with the wording of the requirements. He takes interviewing the customer. For the production of articles of consumption, if we use economic terms, that is, for custom programming, that's fine. The customer says he wants, a programmer, a software engineer doing what he wants. When it is something new, the customer did not understand this. When was the start of something scientific, some innovation may not be the customer but the author of this innovation. Therefore, when making do innovation in programming, any customers can not ask, they are not.

Do you like the author needs to figure out what you are doing and do it well. When you show that it is good, then you will have customers. Unfortunately, all the talk about software engineering, retired from American textbooks, they somehow overlooked this point.

And accumulated experience, because I met all these rakes. Please do what is requested by the military. It is clear that they need to do doing. Does not work, does not function optimally, because, without thinking of the essence, immediately began to do particular. Failed development.

Then there was the next development. The military had to solve one big task on this car, but she had to spin always. This is an example of continuous production in the virtual world. It should work always reliable and so on. Separate conversation, as a software engineer then this should all develop, even simple errors to debug a program that always works. This is a separate issue. But most importantly, what happens when this disappears, the line between system programming and user programming.

Custom programming in this case is the processing of radar information. It is also not very custom and very important. But the line between operating system, system programming and programming a custom, pure task of pattern recognition, for example, it is erased because you need to get. Well the timing is. The system should earn by the time when she should be working. Therefore, this distinction begins to disappear, and thus begins to lose reliability. When one subsystem, one module, one component, albeit a large, becomes defenseless from the other, the quality is lost. It's all architectural questions, which, incidentally, is not resolved until now, at least in those computers with which we are dealing. I'll tell you a paradoxical thing, but Windows operating system is not a system, and then operating simply because it is not a system.

What is a system? In General, there are mathematical systems theory may be when you have something to tell her what it is have books, and there is a definition in this subject, what is a dynamic system. A dynamic system unlike the static system is the one that remains by the system when it works in time. Static system studies, appears to be such a science, strength of materials, because what is required of them that they in time have not changed. The house must not fall ever, so study the experts on the strength of materials how to do it, so it was a static system. A dynamic system needs to do it all in time, but to remain the system. The definition is quite complicated, but the essence on his fingers like that.

The system has many possible States and many controlled it, permitted it of input. And it will be a system when in any valid input for the exposure she's not getting from the set of possible States. I say very simplistic.

Each of you probably knows what the effect on the Windows operating system should provide, such that it will allow him to provide, then you will see a blue screen forever. It does not have to be a guru in order to achieve this. If we, of course, is referred as the complete failure to valid, then the system is everything. Then the brick system.

System programming, unfortunately, is still known as the system programming from the same root word, not from nature. Operating system programming system debugging all at the system programming. And we ought to all these systems satisfy the definition of to start.

What would it be? First, if there were no viruses, then gone to the industry that fights the virus that produces the viruses. These industries often overlap. Come up with a virus, then fighting with them and so on. All it requires and this has long been described in the literature, another approach to architecture, especially the hardware architecture, because we see that we have the most modern computer, and if you look at the architecture, if you look at how generally there the command is executed, a machine instruction, why is she running, who told who controls that it can be done, and how, we will find that the answers to these questions are no different in these architectures, from those that were then, and even worse.

Why is this happening 50 years later? This happens because all of this science at this point is ceases to be science and becomes a social phenomenon. And all this smacks of the parable of the tower of Babel, because like the best, then the devil still confused, wanted money faster and more, and now there are viruses. It's all about communication of the exact Sciences and the social Sciences.

However, when this machine was made, began to resort to the primary constructor are different people from the Academy of Sciences by the way, and asked her to do something serious, what he did in America for Cray, and this should be more or less similar to that of people operating system. It's what I was doing, and my colleagues have made the operating system (OS) M10, but it could allow physicists, for example, to consider something scientific. Here are some scientific problems from physics, which were counted with the help of this system in those days. Who will open the Computer Museum website and will be able to see the history of this whole affair, so I may exhibit in a virtual Museum.