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What is software engineering? Part 5

Now began some weak talk about import substitution, and what I see at all the conferences of the operating system? Import substitution operating systems is what? As a rule, reduced to Stripping Linux because it's easier to rip off than Windows, it outdoor. And no one comes to mind is to do something yourself, do not come to mind. Why do you think?

First question: "Why? There's lots of programs all running". And then you can say that computer science is not just programming. The Foundation of this case was and remains, of course, the technology of production of the iron. And here other than Intel no one not standing next to. Why these machines of which I am told, the last we have aroused some interest? Stripped was also a lot. Because in those days flooded the entire country next to UCS so called, which was one to one charged to the IBM 360-370, about which the chief designer of the software at the conference programming, said: "Our motto none of their team".

Him from the audience asked the question: "Why such a strange creed, have you?" "We once tried all failed. We don't try". This is the question of the means of production programs. It's always been easier to tear. You even in the school feel that when you write off is to do just a little confused by this. And here. Everything that is done with your head, at first it may be worse, but at the same time developing head. If the head does not develop, all.

Commercial. When the Institute was closed down around the beginning of the 1990s, what happened? Began to rent, and we were invited by the Greek Software House, the team of programmers of our Institute, we went to a Greek Software House, and I first went there in 1991. Then in Greece it was all good. That's not bad, and then, in the early 1990, it was great. They developed a banking system for Europe. There's 600 programmers, but it was the most custom programming. There I first time faced with the fact that it is not just software engineering, and is Computer Aided software engineering.

The company that produced the banking system, purchased a time in America CASE tool (CASE Computer Aided Software Engineering), which was preprogrammed way to determine all the big banking system, and press the button to generate the source code, and different languages, and to the banking system, which was interfaced with the entire European banking sector, with the transfer of money, cards (back then there were cards that we have not yet had). In those days in the banking systems in use was "COBOL" (he still lives there the only reason). This tool was developed under the leadership of James Martin. It is the author and designer of the famous books and products databases, the author of DB2 and so on.

He started a company then called KnowledgeWare, and preached what later became known as UML. What I said was that it was a precursor (even UML was not), but it was one of the bodies, which served as the forerunner of UML. There I saw, what is software engineering in the West, setting around 600 programmers every day on this Board was written "Remained 755 error", "Left 754 error", then something did "Left 850 errors".

And this process has not converged at all during the three years that I worked there, with the help of this Tula. Tul was worth 2 million dollars for the installation. James Martin led the team that Tula back in Athens, two weeks lectured us that we then explained to the Greeks how to use it, because the technical Director of the Greek company chose to first these guys told us, not the Greeks, as we told the Greeks. He decided that it would be optimal.

James Martin asked for some astronomical sum for the introductory lecture and left the same day.

Bank programming is very conservative in the sense that these rules and component model of the banking system, no banker will not change under pain of death, because it really is a lot of money. In this custom programming is a lot of money. Half an hour of downtime a modern software system that supports trades in any investment company (say, in Boston there is a large investment company with a large programming support), a half hour's worth tens of millions of dollars. If this program stop for half an hour just because it is necessary to fix it, found a mistake, tens of millions of dollars over the half hour left in the pipe. Is software engineering.

After working there for three years in such a software engineering, I returned to Moscow, because it is impossible three years to live in a hotel, and got to my delight, a wonderful company in Moscow. Maybe you've heard of it, it's called "Paragraph". Then it was several times renamed. Now it's called ParallelGraphics. He organized her brothers. One lives in America, the other in Moscow so far. There were elite guys are taken. They spread information about themselves to friends and acquaintances. There was 100 people, a maximum of 120 in different years. I worked there for eight years. This company was engaged in three dimensional graphics for the Internet. Go to there will be plenty of demonstrations. I wanted to show you some of his programs from the years associated with three dimensional graphics and functionality, especially, but, unfortunately, we do not have the technical capabilities to do it.

The company Silicon Graphics in America is the company that made supercomputers and software, for movies including. Jurassic Park was filmed, programmed using the Silicon Graphics products. And that Paragraph became part of Silicon Graphics called Cosmo Software. You see, that was the head of this division of Silicon Graphics after selling Kai Fu Lee. He then became the chief in the Chinese Microsoft, and then enticed Google. This suggests that our programmers are always quoted on the highest level. In this case, unfortunately, the programming itself is still listed enough. Remember yesterday's comment Appoint.

There I was engaged in the implementation of VRML, and then he became known as X3D. Web3D is a very three dimensional graphics on the Internet. There you will see the standards of this case. I emphasize the word "standard". Software engineering starts with standards, like any industrial manufacturing anything. And when I came to "Paragraph" 1 September 1996, literally the day published in the open access Java technology. Since then has passed almost 21 years, and I practically except Java no programming, just because maybe I'm up to this, eliminating foreign Greek experience, has programmed in languages that do not like anything on the machine architectures, which are also generally not unlike what.

And I wanted to program so that it does not fly away into the pipe, I wanted to do reusable code, and this is one of the main ideas in component programming and software engineering. It's a shame to spend big efforts that then disappear along with the iron. For the sake of Unix began to think, not to disappear along with the iron. From it sprouted Linux that now all like to write off in order of import substitution.