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What is software engineering? Part 7

I missed it in your report. I worked about five years in the company MeshNetics, which made the Internet of things from us. These microprocessors are programmed to goal C because it's practically Assembler, there is nothing cannot be. In the years when there is a huge number of small microprocessors with small features, C begins to overtake Java the last 10 years. Then, as this technology gains scale and large companies are starting to rivet them in large quantities, they become more powerful. As soon as there is a possibility to put there a Java virtual machine, implementing all the guys switch to it.

Why do you have in Android Java programming, what do you think? Because James Gosling left Google when the firm was sold to Sun to Oracle. And he left because he didn't like the commercial approach in the firm Oracle to develop Java machine, he always believed that this should occur in more open, as open source software. As soon as the microprocessor for the phone was able to turn Java, there was created a Java machine, and all the programming on it.

And Python is a language in which to learn, which is suboptimal compiled because it is interpreted mostly. Modern Java is good because it was first interpreted, but then 20 years of development, there is already such optimization happens on the fly (remember, I said that on the go happens a lot in addition to our own implementation?), that is not at times the performance is lost, and the units of percent. Sorry, I could not show for technical reasons, three dimensional graphics, which I did, working in the "Paragraph" only Java. But Java knows nothing about the video card, about all sorts of hardware capabilities.

If you want to compare a programming language, any programming language comparisons. I once read a clever phrase in the detective, oddly enough. It was written that "every criterion gets its meaning in the context". A wonderful phrase. If you want to compare languages based on some criteria, you first ask "why?" that is, determine. If you want to get a job, then for the next 10 years I you again I will be campaigning for a Java just because Python already gives way to other languages, and Java is not doing this and even ten years will not.

The fact that software engineering is not just engineering and science. Where's the science? In General, where any engineering goes into the science, here or there, and where the border between them? Software engineering all the time he wants, but still cannot learn to prove the program correct. Software engineering all the time he wants, but cannot charge of the routine work of some intelligence more reliable than ours. And then the prospect limitless for science, for functional languages, for those languages that you remembered to text written in those languages, for example, provably correct turned into a working program.

It's open science. Maybe it's called computer science, but is this computer science for software engineering, because the result we want to have a good program. It is also worth doing.

Unfortunately, the current state of Affairs leads even when it leads, the quality of the generated program, which is ten times the efficiency is inferior to manual programming. And, again, the main way of dealing with this is a component based programming, because you will not have to generate code. If now the programmer who is engaged in industrial manufacturing programs, will start to write code, how to satin stitch on the Hoop from scratch, there will be neither the quality nor the timeliness of the work done. In General, all development programming is constrained by the fact that all of the time strive to write something with the midfield. And still can't do so that was the market component, which was dreamed of in 1968, looking at apparatchiks. Now you can at the Amateur level order by DHL, any microprocessor will bring you, in the end, you iron will do anything. And programs did not work. And to do so, there is no pity no artificial intelligence to use and no programming technology. This is a great thing.

It is a three minute walk from the metro, but, unfortunately, there is almost nothing left. There is a large part of the premises were leased, there are almost no young people. There are, however, still the academic Council, which accepts the defense of a thesis. But there was an article. When restructuring began, somewhere in the 1990 there was an article in the American magazine "Computer". Something in this spirit. I have it. Who are interested write me a letter. I had written her e mail, I will send her. There was a review of all the original architecture, because to observe how copied the IBM 360, it makes no sense, that have been developed.

And it was written. The only thing they said is really original they remembered the car M10 and said that with the departure of the chief designer and he died before reaching three weeks before his sixtieth birthday in 1983, the Institute somehow ceased to generate new architecture. This is true, but it is an objective thing. Everywhere man is mortal. Sometimes school of science, sometimes she breaks all run away, usually for big money. You gather here to of you then such schools turned out to not cut the connection times. Something like that. I emphasize, may not be a serious self-programming without a basic framework that allows you to do your hardware components, primarily.

But this is a global trend. The firm Intel to beat, no one can, or will soon be able, I think. But in those days there was the same trend as in the firm Intel, by the way. Firm Intel has two centers the development of new processors: one is in Haifa (Israel), and the second in Redmond (USA), in my opinion. In Silicon valley in Palo Alto the firm Intel is the headquarters, but there is nothing to develop, there sits the management and managers. These two research centers in the pipelined mode with each other competed, and it was largely engine those technologies.

I must say that Intel holds an annual competition, which is similar to Oscar in Hollywood. There are new developments will be awarded with prizes. Among those of his employees he called Intel and Technology Award. All walk the red carpet in Hollywood, go into the tails and so on. We just don't show it. When we have the same respect to this case, preferably by the time when you will Mature as professionals, then you will be a wide street to work, then I sincerely wish you.