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How to Compose a First-Rate Essay

An essay is considered one of the most common creative writing assignments that express individual impressions and reasoning for a particular cause or question; in all cases, it does not lay claim to a determinative or comprehensive representation of a subject. This type of paper can possess philosophical, historical biographical, literary, popular-scientific, and fictional character.

Essay written by a student is a self-guided work on a topic offered by a teacher or professor (students have the right to offer topics by themselves, but such topics should be approved by a teacher). The purpose of the given assignment lies in the development of skills linked with imaginative thinking and voicing personal thoughts. Writing essays is a very useful task because this process gives an author a possibility to learn how to formulate thoughts clearly and properly, structure information, use the main categories of analysis, to separate causes and effects, illustrate notions by providing examples, give reasons for conclusions made, and master a scientific prose style.

The essay has to contain a clear statement of the problem's main point, an analysis of the given problem, and conclusions that generalize an author's position according to the problem set. In relation to a specific character of a discipline, its forms may vary greatly. In some cases, it can be the analysis of present statistical data according to the problem under consideration, materials taken from media sources, examples that back up the problem, etc.

More often than not, taking into account all assignment requirements, most students become confused and start thinking it is better to buy essays online. Well, one is free to consider all possible opinions to complete a paper, though information concerning the essay structure, mentioned below, will greatly help during the assignment completion.

Creating an Outline

One of the first steps of the assignment completion is the creation of the outline. As usual, an essay consists of:

Title page.

Introduction section – essence and substantiation of the given topic; it includes a string of components linked logically and stylistically. At this stage, it is very important to formulate a question and find an answer to it in the course of research.

The body – theoretical foundations of the chosen problem alongside with the statement of the main question. The given section suggests the development of argumentation and analysis together with their substantiation on the assumption of current data, other arguments and positions concerning this question. Whenever necessary, charts, tables, or diagrams can be used for data representation.

According to the question stated, the analysis is usually conducted on the basis of the following categories: cause – effects, the general – the particular, content form, part – the whole, mobility – consistency. While writing, it is necessary to remember that one paragraph has to contain only one statement and a corresponding evidentiary item supported by the graphical and illustrative material. Consequently, when adding content to sections with argumentation, it is necessary, within the frames of one paragraph, to limit yourself to consideration of one main thought.

Conclusion section – generalization and substantiated conclusion on the topic with an indication of the sphere of its application, and so on. Methods, recommended for conclusion construction, are as follows: repetition, citation, and illustration. The conclusion can include such essential element as the direction for research usage, taking into account the interconnection with other problems.

Consider the above-mentioned information when you do your assignment, and make sure to follow the additional guidelines provided by your teacher.

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