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Insane skyscrapers of the future

By your structures, that pump drinking water from the arctic glaciers to around organs which is able to go for their renters not only leaving your home. How does architects envision buildings into this prospective?

The skyscraper is just one of one of the absolute most descriptive symbols of this modern contemporary society. Look at of this Burj Khalifa, towering from town yet another astonishing approach to technological advancement. Engineering resources and solutions which allowed that construction to jump into the skies, can appear unthinkable. But moreover that the properties have been climbing bigger and more and have less electrical power complete that they continue to be much away from the Empire State Building.

Volo publication hosts the yearly contest of skyscraper layout, by that your architects increases the problem what else could we all perform together with skyscrapers? Several solutions are all constructions which helps you to rescue us out of drinking water shortages, other structures, that have the ability to support handle the issue of rubbish, and on occasion even those which have been within the eventuality of the tragedy to independently go on to your safe location.

Every one of the endeavors are completely incredible. The majority of these require technological innovation which hasn't actually exist. But possibly as an alternative of creating bigger and bigger, we decide to try to construct smarter?

These buildings are designed to collect water, frozen in the Himalayan glaciers, where today is concentrated 40% of freshwater on Earth. The buildings are located on several pipes going deep into the ice and extracting water for its residents.

Mountain Band-Aid

Yiting Shen, Nanjue Wang, Ji Xia, Zihan Wang


In response to the active Chinese program production, which gradually "eats" national mountains, the buildings will help to restore these losses, and also to give shelter to the villagers who were crowded industry.

Monument to Civilization

Lin Yu-Ta


This skyscraper will not shelter residents. However, he will be for their garbage. For example, if you collect annual garbage of new York and placed in the mine, we get the height three times larger than the Empire State Building. These buildings will not only obtain energy from garbage, but also serve as a great waste of specific monuments of the city. The lower garbage of the building, the greener and more resilient its economy is.

Migrant Skyscraper

Damian Przybyła, Rafał Przybyła


Sometimes the chosen place is so bad or dangerous that you just want to get up and leave. But if the construction of the building, or even the whole city has already invested money, it becomes difficult. Here are really useful wheel building. When things are so bad, they can just pack up and leave to another place.

Plastic Fish Tower

Kim Hongseop, Hyunbeom Cho, Yoon Sunhee, Yoon Hyungsoo

South Korea

The building is designed specially to solve the problems of plastic waste in the ocean. In addition, it provides homes with beautiful views of the deep, it will continuously cleanse the ocean to suck and to recycle the plastic waste floating on the surface.

Human Rights Skyscraper

Ren Tianhang, Luo Jing, Kang Jun


In Beijing, where land ownership is a big difficulty, this building was designed to symbolize the right of everyone to the enjoyment of their private home. Outside of Beijing, this decision may allow to stop the disorderly construction. As a growing urban population, some people remain to live in the city or have their home beyond. Now they can have it both ways.

Cliff Dwellings

Román J. Cordero Tovar, Eric Israel Dorantes, Daniel Justino Rodríguez, Izbeth K. Mendoza Fragoso


We use more and more land for construction. In this context, becomes more compact architecture, which occupies a minimum of floor space. But there is a solution even with the zero area — to build houses on steep slopes.

Coal Power Plant Mutation

Chipara Radu Bogdan


While clean energy is making headway, coal energy remains a significant part of our economy. But what if we can prevent air pollution? These skyscrapers will "sit" on stacks and neutralize the effluent gases, using them as long as possible to power the entire building.