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Savings of material resources

Economic, technical, scientific, practical and information activities, including methods, processes, complex organizational technical measures and activities accompany every stage of the life cycle of objects and aimed at rational use and economical consumption of resources.

Resource conservation is a set of measures for Thrifty and efficient use of the facts of production (capital, land, labor). Is provided through the use of resource saving and energy saving technologies; reduction of fundamental and material production; increasing productivity; reducing costs of living and materialized labor; improve product quality; rational use of labor management and marketers; the benefits of international division of labor, etc. Contributes to the effectiveness of the economy, improve its competitiveness.

Savings of material resources is an economic category, which is characterized by a decrease in specific consumption of material resources per unit of production compared to the base or current period, but without reducing the quality and technical level of production.

Resource conservation must be achieved at all stages of the production and use of resources: rationalization of production of natural raw materials, fuels etc. (for example, a more complete extraction of oil from the reservoir), the maximum use of the extracted resource, minimizing losses during transportation and storage; the most efficient use of the resource in the production process or non-productive consumption; the identification, accounting and full use of recycled resources (generated in the course of their primary consumption) primarily for its intended purpose as a high grade raw material, source of energy or heat, as well as recycling and disposal of waste.

Provision of energy saving is a mandatory requirement for engineering, technology, organization of production and nonproduction activities, the economic mechanism. New equipment should require less resource consumption in the process of production and operation. New technology must be waste free or low waste, mal operations.

Thrifty and frugal attitude to resources, many of which are not passed on renewable, at all stages of the design cycle implementation operation: the heat recovery used heated air, recirculation of cleaned and recycled air, the forced redistribution of air at the height of the room, water recovery, thermal insulation of roads with a high temperature, reduction of material produced and consumed power and size, non-simultaneous work of energy consuming devices, the off peak use of resources, minimizing costs and losses, use the latest technology (led lighting, smooth control of rotation speed and power) optimization and automation of technological processes, accounting and operational control of energy consumption, standardization of hardware and software, saving human resources all of this gives the real effect of the integrated approach in the implementation of resource saving technologies and technical systems by reducing investment and payback period costs.

Resource saving allows you to release and increase capital. Reducing waste frees up the funds and direct them for solving other problems. Investments aimed at reducing resource losses, compensated experts estimate up to three times faster than investment to increase this resource.

The resource is aimed at improving the quality of life of people in the broad sense of the word. The introduction of efficient lighting systems, improving the quality of food based on the interchangeability of resources, recycling and processing of waste, the reduction of mining in the result resource in the complex will allow to improve the quality of life.