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What is electricity? Part 2

All convinced that the biggest & strongest regarding discoveries linked to power had been Nikola Tesla. He had been created in Roman Empire, today it's the land of Croatia. Inside their own bag creations and technological will work: that the shifting latest discipline idea, ether, radio, resonance, and much more. A few declare the risk that the occurrence of this "Tunguska meteorite", it's only the task of this palms of Nikola Tesla, especially the explosion of immense electricity in Siberia.

For some time it was thought that electricity does not exist in nature. However, after Benjamin Franklin established that lightning are electrical in nature arise, this view ceased to exist.

The value of electricity in nature and in human life is huge enough. After all, lightning has led to the synthesis of amino acids and, consequently, to the emergence of life on earth.

The processes in the nervous system of humans and animals, for example, movement and breathing, are caused by the nerve impulse that occurs because of electricity existing in the tissues of living beings.

Some species of fish use electricity, but rather electrical discharges for protection from enemies, find food underwater and its extraction. Such fish are: eels, lampreys, manta rays and even some sharks. All these fish have special electrical organ, which works on the principle of a capacitor, that is, accumulates a sufficiently large electrical charge and then discharges it to the victim, touching a fish. Also, this body has a frequency of several hundred Hz and has a voltage of several volts. The amperage of the electric organ of the fish changes with age: the older the fish, the higher amperage. Also, due to the electric current of fish living at great depth, oriented in the water. The electric field is distorted by the effect of objects in the water. And these distortions and help the fish to navigate.

To produce electricity has been specially created by the plant. In power plants using generators, creates electricity, which is transmitted after to the place of consumption via the power lines. Electric current is created by moving or internal mechanical energy into electrical energy. Power plants are divided into: hydroelectric power or hydropower, thermal, nuclear, wind, tidal, solar and other power plants.

In a hydroelectric turbine generator, moving under the action of the water flow, produce an electric current. In thermal power plants or different CHP electric current is also formed, but instead of water use steam arising in the process of heating water by combustion of a fuel, coal.

A very similar working principle is used in nuclear power plants or nuclear power plants. Only in a nuclear power plant uses a different fuel, the radioactive materials such as uranium or plutonium. There is a division of their nuclei, due to which is allocated a very large amount of heat used for heating water and turning it into water vapor, which is then sent to a turbine which produces electric current. For operation of these stations required very little fuel. So ten grams of uranium produces the same amount of electricity as the carriage of coal.

Nowadays life without electricity is impossible. It is quite firmly in the lives of the people of the twenty first century. Often electricity is used for lighting, e.g. by using electric or neon lamp, and for transmitting various information via telephone, television and radio, and in the past, and the Telegraph. Also, even in the twentieth century new applications of electricity: the power supply electric motors of trams, trains, metro, trolley buses and trains. Electricity is needed to operate various household appliances, which greatly improve the life of modern man.

The electricity is also used to obtain high quality materials and their processing. Using electric guitars, working with electricity, you can create music. Electricity continues to be used as a humane way of killing criminals (the electric chair), in countries that allow the death penalty.

Also given the fact that modern life is virtually impossible without computers and cellphones that need electricity, the importance of electricity would be difficult to overestimate.

In the mythology of almost all peoples have gods that can cast lightning, that is able to use electricity. For example, the Greeks this God was Zeus, the Hindus Agni who could turn into lightning, the Slavs this is Perun, and the Scandinavian Nations tor.

The study of the properties of electricity began in ancient times and is still ongoing. Learn the basic properties of electricity and learn to use them correctly, people greatly facilitated my life. Electricity is also used at factories, factories and so on, that is, it is possible to obtain other benefits. The value of electricity in nature and in modern life is enormous. Without such electrical phenomena as lightning on earth is born to life, without nerve impulses that occur due to the electricity, it would be possible to provide a consistent experience between all parts of organisms.

People have always been grateful to electricity, even when you do not know about its existence. They gave their main gods with the ability to cast lightning.

The modern man also doesn't forget about electricity, but is it possible to forget about it? He gives electric powers of the heroes of cartoons and movies, is building a power plant to get electricity and makes more.

Thus, electricity is the greatest gift given to us by nature and which we, fortunately, have learned to use.